TMS Consultancy

Over the years ControlPay has implemented thousand of carriers rates globally which has resulted in a wealth of knowledge and a best practice approach in the following services.

Deep analysis of rates

We look at rates while comparing them with shipment profiles and historical data. While doing such an analysis we develop several key findings around the optimal usage of weight brackets, the optimal use of accessorials and their harmonization, specific embedded logic and structuring of business rules that often go unnoticed.

TMS Consultancy


We benchmark rates in the same transport mode across your organization and across your carrier base to provide you with clear recommendations around rate harmonization, shipment consolidation and cost savings opportunities.

Tender support

Large companies tend to spend quite some efforts on gathering data for new tenders and seem to never get to the full bottom of it. With ControlPay full and clear data is at your finger tips. Moreover we support our customers by running tender data through our system against historical so that a comprehensive comparison of rates can be achieved that takes into account not only freight rates but all accessorials and business rules