Spot Bidding

Although many shippers have contracts and rate cards in place there is still often a need to have the flexibility to make use of the spot market. The easy to use spot bidding tool allows shippers to invite carriers to bid on a specific shipment. ControlPay has recognized the needs of many multinationals to be flexible in handling spot shipments without spending too much time on it. In general, shippers face the following issues with regards to spot shipments and / or spot rate management: 

Typical Spot Shipment issues

  • Pas d'aperçu clair de qui est responsable/autorisé pour demander/approuver les tarifs ponctuels

  • Aucune idée de la raison pour laquelle les tarifs ponctuels sont nécessaires

  • Peu d'enregistrements d'accords de tarifs ponctuels archivés

  • Absence de contrôle de la hiérarchie des valeurs d'approbation


ControlPay takes the analysis, procurement and negotiation completely out of the hands of the customer and makes sure that in line with strict customer requirements the best carriers are chosen based on different criteria. Combined with ControlPay’s advanced benchmarking technology ControlPay ensures a smooth and efficient tender process that selects the best carriers at the best price. Also possible as a stand-alone function.

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