Shipment booking

ControlPay delivers a dynamic web based booking tool that allows customers to book air road and ocean shipments via an easy to use web interface. This creates a better communication flow with your carriers and at the same time the data is stored and accrued for audit purposes.



Based on templates the booking tool gives the opportunity to easily create new shipments based on previously stored shipments. This makes the tool fast in use and very user friendly.

Non contractual shipments

For the so called one-off or spot shipments the booking tool is a perfect alternative to a phone call or e-mail as it allows you to capture crucial shipment data in a structured way instead of having to look for data once the invoice comes in. This tool allows you to centralize the data for all the spot shipment in your organization.

Inbound flow

Many companies struggle to manage their inbound flows in terms of visibility and costs. The web booking tool allows you to better manage the transport ordering process by your facilities or external parties such as your 3PL or your suppliers. The easy to use booking tool is a great solution for capturing inbound shipment data. Possible as a standalone solution or in combination with our Freight Audit solutions.