ControlPay has over 16 years experience in rate management and maintenance. Over the years, we have implemented thousand of carriers rates globally which has resulted in a wealth of knowledge and a best practice approach in the following services. The Rate Calculator is an advanced tool that allows your staff to find the lowest cost of a shipment by entering the required data. The tool provides real-time feedback and allows staff to take instant decisions on price where it use to take hours or even days. This tool can save an enormous amount of money on your shipping costs.


Rate Calculator Features

  • An online, one shot comparison for any possible transport mode (time saving)

  • An overview from available pricing & lead time on a lane basis (cost saving)

  • An accurate cost calculation for proforma invoices & customs documents

  • A comprehensive plug and play software solution

  • Flexibility: Compare direct rates

  • Report and analytics




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Transport and courier dashboardsWhen it's time to ship your goods, compare your available rates and choose the best suitable solution (cost & lead time wise) without endless calls and searching multiple websites.

Cost savings dashboardStructural, transparent and systematical overview, with ability to download the result to PDF
to be able to email to the decision maker.