Managed TMS services

More and more companies are moving to TMS systems that allow them to be more in control of their logistics operations and planning. As these systems are often used for billing and managing of freight rates a lot of effort is needed to maintain rates and master data internally. Especially when staff is located in different geographies around the globe. ControlPay is specialized in maintaining rates, updates, accessorials and making sure that all the uploaded data is absolutely correct. Next to that we manage exceptions processes, extra costs and the overall process management of a TMS. With a structured compliant approach within a centralized team we make sure that processes are handled correct and in-time. Rate Management

Benefits of this service

  • Lower costs
  • 1 centralized point of contact for global rate maintenance and management
  • Freeing up internal staff time
  • No more errors
  • On-time availability of rates
  • KPI’ driven process with full visibility
  • Continuous improvement approach towards rate set-ups via internal global benchmarking

Systems we can work with: GT Nexus, Oracle OTM, SAP TM, JDA…