ControlPay audits many millions of parcels each year. The ever-growing parcel industry makes audit more and more important, not only for cost savings but also for claims, KPI’s and pure visibility. Different providers have different set-ups in different countries concerning rates and invoicing. In the US there are mainly only 2 providers to work with and their set-up is completely different from any provider in Europe. This makes expertise and experience with different carriers across many different countries very important. Thanks to our experienced staff and flexible Audit platform we are able to connect every parcel carrier ensuring full data integration but also keeping flexibility towards the way carriers want to deliver their data. This approach is especially appreciated by the largest carriers who like that Freight Audit providers adapt to them.



Typical issues we come across in parcel audit

  • Wrong or no consolidation used
  • No rounding rule applied  
  • Old rates are applied
  • Non-contracted lanes are charged at a premium
  • New surcharges are added without any reason or agreement
  • Weight brackets are wrongly interpreted
  • No application of discounts
  • Unclear application of remote area surcharge
  • Invoicing of wrong service levels
  • Not meeting service levels but charging for them anyway

Our parcel capabilities

  • We have EDI interfaces with all large couriers
  • Verification of chargeable weight according to conversion and rounding rules
  • Calculating all relevant surcharges
  • Reporting on deviations on shipment and cost type level and also deviations on weight volumes or service levels for well substantiated credit requests
  • Verification of the service level
  • We guarantee to void shipments within 90 days
  • Claims management      



Our Parcel Audit specs

Common Parcel Invoice mistakes


Correct billing of parcel shipments can be far more complex than shippers often expect. Learn more about the complexity of parcel freight billing and how to eliminate parcel invoice errors using a Freight Audit solution. Many companies save up to 5% of their parcel freight spend. Use the button to open the infographic.


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