Top 5 Guide: (4) What Freight Audit services are there

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Freight Audit has a wide range of services directly or indirectly related to invoice verification, cost savings and many adjacent aspects of logistical operations. Services can vary based on transportation modes (Ocean Audit, Road Audit, Air Audit, Rail Audit, Parcel Audit, Warehouse Audit), technological level (electronic processing and e-billing or manual audit), stage of involvement (pre-audit or post-audit solutions), or the methods used to conduct billing and invoice verification (such as Control-billing, Self-billing and other solutions).

Generally, the range of Freight Audit solutions is fairly wide and depends predominantly on the expertise and technologies used by the service provider. High-technology Freight Audit companies tend to offer auditing services powered by software and cloud solutions with adjacent services connected to data processing and analysis. Traditional Freight Audit providers focus primarily on the manual review of invoices and bills, having a narrower scope of service features and possibilities.

Freight Audit services based on transportation modes can each have their own specifics, intricacies and require a certain type of professional experience, as well as adjustments in tools and methodologies. While high-technology Freight Audit providers have built innovative technological solutions that power their services, human knowledge and expertise is still needed to adjust, control and run automated systems. With the vast complexity of logistical operations around the globe, expert auditing skills are still a vital component of Freight Auditing.

Audit-related services that stem from data processing and software solutions (which is the main characteristic of high-tech FA companies) can come in the forms of: Business Intelligence and analytics services, Freight Tendering, Rate Management, Spot Bidding and others.