Top 5 Guide: (2) The complexitiy of Freight Audit

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The complexity of freight related processes has been rising steadily over the years, as technology, rates, transportation modes and fluctuating prices for resources (such as fuel) have added new layers to logistics. Freight cost auditing may have been manageable in-house or through simple services years ago. However, this is proving increasingly ineffective in recent times.

The complexitiy of Freight Audit

With the rising complexity of freight cost and billing, human error has become a serious factor in low-technology review processes. This produces a significant danger of high overpayments for expenses that never actually occurred or are incorrectly evaluated.

The solution found by leaders in the Freight Audit industry has been to improve the technological methods of auditing, combined with human logistics expertise and know-how. Using specialized software that can track a considerable amount of variables, rates and other data, companies like ControlPay offer unparalleled accuracy, which counteracts the always-increasing chance of overbilling, invoice mistakes and other errors.

This approach of technological sophistication and human auditing expertise is superior to services that rely purely on manpower. Consequently, the cost savings are even more effective for companies seeking to optimize their logistics operations. ControlPay offers a comprehensive spectrum of high technology Freight Audit and related services, including: Ocean, Road, Air and Rail Audit; Parcel Audit; Warehouse cost management; Rate Management; Freight Tendering; Business Intelligence and more. Services are provided in a truly innovative approach that includes advanced software, cloud platforms and convenient stand-alone tools. Check out our blogpost about the best practices of Freight Audit for more in-depth information