Control-billing is one of our most efficient freight audit processes, as ControlPay streamlines the entire billing procedure for both our customer and the carrier.

If comprehensive customer shipment data is available, our platform automatically rates it to create a billing instruction, removing the need to receive invoice data from the carrier. Any extra carrier costs can be submitted for approval and (if cleared) added to the billing instruction via our platform.

This form of self-billing is based upon the shipment order data from an ERP or TMS system, which is compared against the rates and business rules in our system to create the weekly billing instruction we send out to the carriers.

The carriers have the option to create a freight invoice on our platform or send it through traditional channels. They can also declare any extra or unforeseen costs via our Extra Costs tool. Our calculation accounts for all appropriate costs: standard freight, accessorials, fuel surcharge. The carriers receive a billing instruction with the correct VAT amount, cost allocation (when needed) and the appropriate invoice entity.