Top 5 Guide: (3) What is a Freight Audit Provider (FAP)

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In a basic sense, this is a term for a Freight Audit Company that provides services of analyzing, verifying and correcting inaccuracies in freight bills and invoices. 
However, with the growing complexity of modern logistics and billing, basic terminology no longer covers the full spectrum of capabilities of Freight Audit Companies. Many service providers in this area offer process visibility, high-tech data gathering and analysis, optimization of logistical operations, consulting and more.

Cost savings and protection from overbilling remain as important (and sometimes - dominant) functions of a Freight Audit Vendor. Simultaneously, high-technology Freight Audit Companies incorporate software, automation and expertly trained auditors to bring freight bill verification and cost savings to a new level.

High-technology Freight Auditing logically leads to producing verifiably accurate logistical data that can be used for a multitude of purposes. Freight Audit Companies offer this universal data to empower their clients’ logistical operations as a tool for competitive advantage. 
A Freight Audit Company can offer different services depending on its technological level: while vendors working through manual document review may limit themselves only to verification of freight bills, IT-powered vendors can also provide Business Intelligence, Freight Tendering, Rate Management, Spot Bidding and other services.