Social Responsibility at ControlPay

Since August 2016 we started 4 projects under corporate social program development:

1. Together with UNICEF

In August 2016 together with UNICEF we delivered 12 boilers, thanks to which more than 150 children are in warm this winter and for future 20 years. You can find more information about this project here…

Together with UNICEF

2. Program to support the orphans

A few years ago we had a similar program where we helped one orphanage in Kiev. However, given that we have significant strengthened its position in the market and wish to be socially active in the area where we work is part of our corporate social policy, we decided to take care of several orphanages and special children. According to this program, you can find more information about how we prepared children to school season, our Halloween Party, Saint Nicolas gifts: and and

Program to support the orphans

3. Inclusive education

We working with NGO “My Dryzi” since September 2016. This organization take care of special kids (autism, Down syndrome),helping them and theirs families to feel comfortable in society. We can provide to you our first report on April-May2017. Today you can find some photos from Saint Nicolas celebration. Every child had personal present (toy, clothes, etc)…

Inclusive education

4. Future intellectual, cultural, scientific and sports elite of Ukraine

For better motivation and for improve general quality of education in Ukraine we decide to start paying monthly scholarships in Kiev region schools. First scholarships holders was Irpin students The main principle to receive our scholarship – high achievement in education and sports.

For more information you can visit

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