Webinar invite for a cloud-based freight tender solution

Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds

March 2, 2016 - 16:27

TenderTool invites you to one of our free webinars about the latest cloud-based freight tender solution available in the transportation market today.

Are you using excel for your tenders today and e-mail based communication? Do you spend a lot of time on building the right data sets and analyzing the proposals from carriers?

The most advanced tool available today in logistics sourcing

Then this demonstration is for you as the TenderTool will make your life and that of your carriers a lot easier and more efficient. Are you using a freight sourcing tool with limited options when it comes to freight, with limited analytical capabilities to really get to the bottom line of the proposals? A tool with outdated technology? TenderTool. logistics tenderingThen this demonstration is for you as well. We will show you how new technology can bring you value and time efficiency by bringing advanced reporting to your fingertips. TenderTool is a very easy to use cloud-based tendering platform especially designed for the transportation industry.

  1. March 17th 15:00 CET
  2. March 22nd 15:00 CET
  3. March 24th 15:00 CET

Sign up here and indicate the date you would like to take part: [Registration closed] We will send you the confirmation to take part and the call-in details for the webinar.