[Video] Dutch Minister visits ControlPay Ukraine

March 25, 2016 - 12:48

On March the 17th, the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen paid ControlPay Kyiv an official visit during her trade mission to Ukraine.

ACCESS HERE: Photo collage Dutch Minister visits ControlPay Ukraine The excited Minister, accompanied by colleagues and international journalists, witnessed our CEO Karel Kinds opening the spectacle in his own charismatic way by introducing the company he'd build together with his son Pieter Kinds, starting in 2002 with only 5 software specialists.

It was that same Pieter Kinds, our global director business development, who then took over the show. In a brief presentation he explained our highly esteemed guests about our thorough Employee Development Program - ControlPay Kyiv has a dedicated training program for both newcomers as long sitting employees with over 25 available courses- the history of ControlPay and our achievements over the years.

[Video] Dutch Minister visits ControlPay Ukraine

The Dutch minister seemed very pleased with the modern organization structure of our relatively young team. The average age of our Kyiv employees is 28,5 years old. After a delicious, traditional Ukrainian lunch prepared by ControlPay's own restaurant, it was Karel Kinds to introduce the absolute high point of the day, the presentation of a decorated Maidan helmet to the Dutch minister. During the three-day trade mission, Ms Ploumen visited finance minister Natalie Jaresko and infrastructure minister Andriy Pyvovarskyi. The trade mission was ended with a visit to our Kyiv office and a meeting with Ukrainian agriculture minister Oleksiy Pavlenko.

‘There is huge potential in Ukraine for Dutch businesses and investments," Ms Ploumen explained. ‘In fact there are already 320 Dutch businesses active in the country. We hope this visit will open the way for new contracts and allow us to expand on existing ones. That is why the association agreement is so important: it will speed economic and political reforms and help remove barriers, thus making trade even easier."

More about ControlPay's commitment to Ukraine:

With a strong heritage in logistics and roots in the freight forwarding industry, ControlPay is nowadays the largest Freight Audit provider in Europe and an important Global Freight Audit provider. With over 12 years of presence in Kyiv Ukraine and a staff of over 150 employees, ControlPay is now the largest Dutch employer in Ukraine. ControlPay has a long-term commitment to Ukraine and has been investing in further expansion in the last 2 years. Furthermore, since the beginning of 2016, ControlPay has stepped up its charity efforts by becoming an official partner of UNICEF Ukraine. The partnership with UNICEF underlines the dedication to Ukraine and the support we want to give Ukraine now and in the future.