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Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds

January 19, 2016 - 10:52

Whether it is tips and tricks, rules and regulations guides, infographics or resourceful blogs...logistics and supply chain professionals are increasingly turning to online resources for their information. In this article, you will find over a 100 great, innovative and useful links that will lead you to all of your favorite logistics and supply chain content on the internet today.

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We, as a global freight audit & payment company are trying actively to support and stimulate professionals in the search for relative SCM & logistics content. Therefore, we decided it was high-time for an ultimate collection of our favorite blogs and websites. Please keep in mind, that this list is by no means exhaustive. There are so many great and insightful Supply Chain websites out there, and we're always discovering new ones. If you have any of your favorite websites you want to add to this list, please leave a comment via one of our social media accounts, or leave a reaaction on our content hub!

Useful logistics & supply chain resource links

MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics -

Aberdeen Group -

Coleman Research Group -

Gartner -

Report Linker -

Forrester Research Group -

Federal Express -


United States Postal Service -

Lloyds Loading List -

Inbound Logistics -

The Logistics of Logistics -

Logistics Management -

Logistics Manager -

Logistics Executive -

Logistic World -

Supply Chain Management Review-

Supply Demand Chain Executive -

Supply Chain 24/7 -

Supply Chain Brain -

Supply Chain Digest -

Supply Management -

Supply Chain Digital -

Supply Chain Minded -

Supply Chain Quarterly -

Transport Journal -

Automotive Logistics -

Global Trade Magazine -

DC Velocity Magazine -

Inbound Logistics -

Traffic World -

Parcel Magazine -

CFO Rising Magazine -

Transportation Topics -

Journal of Commerce -

American Shipper -

Food Logistics -

Retail Logistics Guru -

Business Insider -

ILMM Industry News -


Wall Street Journal -

Logistics, supply chain and transportation blogs & hubs

Supply Chain Matters - Bob Ferrari, the Founder and Executive Editor this blog which was originated in 2008, is an experienced, global supply chain management professionals with multiple years of practical leadership experience in all aspects of supply chain business processes and supporting information technology. He writes as an independent supply chain industry analyst who had different research director roles at top-tier industry analyst firms AMR Research (now Gartner) and IDC.

LogisticsMatter - LogisticsMatter is an independent supply chain and logistics news aggregator and blog run by Martijn Graat, who is in fact a full-time logistics professional. The blog covers top stories in the areas of 3PL, Logistics, SupplyChain, Transportation, Shipping, Sustainability and Social Media and are tweeted via @LogisticsMatter.

Cerasis - Cerasis is a Third Party Logistics company that took blogging about logistics & supply chain to a whole new level. Their content provides great insights on a very wide scale of subjects, all under the supervision of marketing manager Adam Robinson. The Cerasis blog is a wealth of information covering multiple industries, tips and tricks, explains rules and regulations, infographics and detailed views on third party content. Especially for manufacturing, there is tons of great info.

Kinaxis - This blog belongs to a Supply Chain and Sales and Operations solution provider that also operate the Supply Chain Expert Community, which is a collaborative forum for subject matter experts to write about various Supply Chain subjects. Some of the most interesting, forward-looking posts come from Dustin Mattison, a prominent Supply Chain blogger whoэs posted numerous engaging interviews with leaders in the field.

ControlPay Logistics hub - ControlPay's content hub is a collection of multiple resource streams, including ControlPay's very own Global processing of Transportation data blogs. This hub is daily updated with news from the manufacturing, healthcare, pharma and Retail / E-commerce industry. Besides news updates, ControlPay's hub provides visitors with detailed freight audit & payment, transportation and supply chain insights, infographics and video's. This content is also shared, on a daily basis, in the LinkedIn group: Global Supply Chain & Logistics insights.

Freightos - The blog of Freightos states 'The Intersection of Logistics and Technology', and that is exactly what you can expect. The international service provider to global logistics providers offers great insights, often supported by third-party logistics professionals, and also knows how to make it attractive to the eye!

Logistics Bureau -Logistics Bureau is a privately owned specialist management consulting company focussed on the field of Supply Chain and Logistics. Their blog is mainly focussed on Supply Chain and Logistics education, benchmarking, providing great insights in rules & regulations and metrics.

Inventory and Supply Chain blog - This is a classic blog page with very regular contributions. Especially for Supply Chain trends, best practices, the Inventory and Supply Chain blog can be of great help. Furthermore, there is plenty of room for news updates.

DHL Logistics Newsroom - Technically this is not a blog, but more a collection of news streams. The Deutsche Post DHL Group Logistics Newsroom brings together news, trends and opinions, providing journalists, bloggers and anyone interested in logistics with an up-to-date research tool. Here, you can find topical content, not only from traditional news pages but also from blogs and social media channels, not to mention Deutsche Post DHL Group publications. From RFID to E-commerce, supply chain management to city logistics - the Logistics Newsroom showcases the broad spectrum of great insights and information.

UPS Longitudes - Longitudes - Delivered by UPS is a home for vigorous discussions on the issues and trends of interest to any business with global operations or aspirations. Which means that the views stated on this blog do not necessarily represent the official positions of UPS.

Quintiq-The Quintiq blog features up-to-date insights and opinions on the challenges faced by those responsible for planning in every industry, from Oil & Gas to F& B. Covering planning & optimization technology, supply chain & logistics and workforce planning & optimization. Contributions to the blog are done by Quintiq executives and occasional guest bloggers.

Transplace - The Transplace Blog is a great source of information, covering three key areas that affect the supply chain. First, the economic data, such as fuel prices as well as factors that drive freight demand such as retail sales and housing starts. Second, key regulatory and legislative issues that affect freight transportation. Third, the blogs handles information on Carrier and 3PL financial performance. Most of this data represents publicly traded companies as reported by highly respected financial analysts who cover the industry.

Logistics Viewpoints - Logistics Viewpoints is a leading logistics blogs overseen by Adrian Gonzalez and Steve Banker who bring more than 25 years of logistics research experience to their writing to provide a trusted information source on logistics innovation and technology.

Logistics Management Blogs - Established in 1962, Logistics Management is a monthly logistics magazine that also publishes regular blog posts in addition to their annual reports the Logistics Outlook and Logistics Buyers Guide.

Kronus - Another great content distributor is Kronus, a solution provider of storage and transportation goods. Their blog is a great mixture of video's, infographic and insightful blogs, mostly treating storage and packaging subjects. Besides a good variation of subjects, readers can expect regular content updates.

Supply Chain Rock - Excellent supply chain blog authored by Christopher Sciacca, Communications Manager at IBM Research in Zurich, Switzerland.

Consignor (formerly EDI-Soft - The news section on the homepage of one the largest providers of Delivery Management systems in the Nordic region, is definitely worth a regular check. Blogs about packaging, E-commerce logistics are shared regularly , and often filled with great tips and tricks to reduce transportation costs.

EXTRA: SCM Global 100: Best Supply Chain Blogs in the World

Highlighted: Procurement & Sourcing

Next Level Purchasing Association -

PurchasingB2B -

Spend Matters -

Supply Management - The procurement and supply website

Procurious -

Procurement Insights -

eSourcing Forum -

If we have, in fact, forgotten your favorite logistics / supply chain website, please do not hesitate to leave a comment on one of our social media platforms, so we can make this list as complete as possible!