Top 10 Logistics Performance Index (LPI) 2018

Rolf Bax

Rolf Bax

August 6, 2018 - 15:03

Top 10 Logistics Performance Index (LPI) 2018

The latest 2018 edition of the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) for 2018. The aim of the LPI is to determine how efficient supply chains are established in the logistics market. Logistics plays an important role in countries because trade and transport are foundational elements for economic growth. The LPI is an excellent benchmarking tool as it compares more than 160 countries. 

Top 10 Economies 2018:

 Top 10 LPI Logistics performance countries 2018 

The LPI examines topics like the effectiveness of customs procedures, infrastructure, transport organization, time issues, quality control and tracking services. Since being implemented, the results have been relatively similar. The gap between the highest and the lowest scoring countries has fluctuated, and over the past few years, this gap has become even smaller (The scores of the top 10 are falling while the lowest scoring countries are improving). The top 10 is predominantly comprised of countries with a high per capita income, 80% are European countries. Scandinavian countries also do well, with Sweden and Finland in the top 10. Major economies like India and Indonesia can be found more in the middle of the scale, but they are performing well. Their position is often related to the presence of seaports or their connections to major logistics hubs. The rating of a country’s logistics performance stems from confidence in supply chains and the quality of their services. This is usually dependent on the quality of the transport system and not on matters of time or money. Recent studies show that this trend will become increasingly more important.

Top Economies overall 2012-2018:

2012-2018 overal logistics performance score

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