The road to buying the right Business Software

Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds

June 8, 2016 - 10:13

INFOGRAPHIC - Even with a navigation system, it's hard to get somewhere when you're not exactly sure where you're going. Finding the right business software can be equally frustrating -- there are tons of options, no GPS, and it's hard to find someone to ask for help along the way. But before you give up and head home, take a look at the roadmap below. It will take you through the steps you need to find the perfect software and equip you for the destination ahead: business success.

Step 1 - Recognize the need for a software solution

Identify an opportunity for growth only made possible by using an outsourced software solution.

Step 2 - Educate yourself

Make sure you know what you are looking for and get yourself acquainted with the latest developments in this specific area. UNDERSTAND the costs of a software solution, the implementation time, and training that is needed.

Step 3 - Determine your goal (s)

Building onwards from step 2, here you specify how the software is going save money, time and is going to create a more efficient process. Make a list of expected benefits, requirements and other must have criteria that a supplier has to be able to deliver. While preparing the initial budget for the project, take a well-thought grading system into account (avoid universal RFQ templates!) and make sure that you ask for relevant references.

Step 4 - Identify potential vendors

This is a very important step that should be going without saying. Make sure you get a bright picture of the possible suppliers in the field, but moreover, take a peek at other companies and how they tackle their software challenges. then make sure the financial picture and the offered features / capabilities are in line. Better said, this step is about looking for value for money! NOT about looking for just the cheapest provider.

Step 5 - Evaluate Vendors

Very important is to include end-users during demo's. The end-user is the person who often has the most knowledge about internal processes and equally important, the end-user has to use the software the most by far! As a global freight audit provider, we always recommend to closely involve the logistics / transportation department during the Freight Audit & Payment selection procedure.

Step 6 - Choose your Vendor

1. Receive quotes / pricing
2. Negotiate and optimize
3. Pick one
4. Thank the others participants

Step 7 - Implement the Software

Last but not least, the implementation phase! Tip: Don't be fooled by overpromised implementation timetables. Get real and realistic, make sure the data integration runs smooth and in the meanwhile...train your people, they are the end user!


INFOGRAPHIC - Your Road to Buying Business Software

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