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August 1, 2017 - 16:09

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If you are running an organization with parcel carrier agreements, it typically means all of your parcel packages are shipped daily and billed monthly to the single corporate account. Depending on the size of your operation, it might mean a few dozen parcel shipments each day or a few hundred. In either case, parcel billing errors can and will occur.

For instance; missing shipments, service levels or Saturday deliveries, not carried out in the right timeframe (after weekend delivery). These are common mistakes. The pity for shippers is, especially with large parcel freight flows, that keeping track of all this information is a burden. Or even worse, undoable!

In the large parcel carrier environment, services are often billed before or during shipments, and not at the time of the delivery. That is exactly why most logistics departments do not have the resources to review and track all the parcel related shipments. They are focussed on current and future shipments, and often there is no dedicated team available for thorough transportation audits

But luckily for shippers, there is a solid solution called Parcel Freight Audit, sometimes referred to as small parcel audit.

Parcel audit providers verify your freight invoices for missing details, overbilling, errors and extra costs related to shipments. Outsourcing parcel freight audit means that a third-party provider will work on a companies behalf with parcel carriers. It offloads the burden of carrier communication and scrutinizing invoices away from your logistics and financial department.

Recovery is the process that takes place once the audit has been completed, in order to reclaim/recover overbilling. Our logistics experts have a deep understanding of custom parcel carrier agreements to determine where mistakes were being made and whether or not clients were receiving the optimal discounts available.

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3 Quick Freight Audit and Payment snapshots

  • Freight Audit is a strategic concept that can be used to achieve many benefits, savings and value throughout an enterprise.
  • Freight Audit ensures that customers pay the right amounts for their freight costs. But it is much more than that. It goes way beyond the typical 2-3% savings in elimination of overbilling that you can achieve.
  • It is really about how to use the data to optimize and simplify your processes more agile and flexible so that you can make optimal use of opportunities in the market. Becoming lean in logistics!

Freight Audit & Payment and Logistics Data

Many companies work with a larger numbers of carriers throughout Europe or the rest of the world. This often leads to complexity in having an overview of conditions rates and agreements with carriers. This is why many companies work with ControlPay Global Freight Audit & Payment. In order to have a clear overview of cost structures, agreements, and all conditions involved, it is of great importance to streamline all logistics data into a few single formats for different types of transportation services or per country. This way, all your transportation contract data will be stored on one platform and can be delivered, updated and reviewed at any single time via our web-based application. ControlPay global Freight Audit provides its clients with the feature to benchmark your carriers using our self-built Freight Audit platform and Logistics Visibility platform. This means that you can have extensive reporting on lanes, lead times and freight rates. It supports your transportation, financial and all involved operational departments analyzing the supply chain structure and helps benchmarking your carrier contracts.

About ControlPay Global Freight Audit

ControlPay is not a traditional Freight Payment provider as we are a Dutch company and always had a very strong international focus and we focus on the logistics part of the business.

As such, we have expanded our service portfolio way beyond Freight Audit and offer comprehensive tools for Logistics E-sourcing of single loads and full-size contracts, shipment booking, extra freight cost management, and freight rate calculation. These tools do not only show that we are innovative and listen to our customers, but also that we are eager to learn and to grow together with our customers in order to create a successful partnership that is based on flexibility in technology, experience and a lot of logistics knowledge. Our (global) customers have recognized this and most of them are leaders in their industries today.

ControlPay provides the analyzing and benchmarking service as a stand-alone or fully integrated service with our freight invoice audit service portfolio. For more information, please contact us:

More ControlPay news, insights, and blogs are available via our blog page or visit our logistics content hub, where we share the latest news and trends in the industry.