How to unlock the power of Freight Data

May 23, 2016 - 16:04

In this blog, we like to reveal how logistics and transportation can unlock the power of their own freight data by using an outsourced Freight Audit & Payment solution provider.

Freight / Transportation Data

Where many people think of Freight Auditing as a useful tool to eliminate carrier overbilling, in reality the real power hides in the extended data possibilities that come from processing your freight invoices. In this post, we show, step-by-step, how to approach and procure Freight Audit & Payment services in order to unlock the power of Transportation Data. To visualize the idea, we take several sidesteps to our logistics Content Hub, and show a few of our infographics. Step 1 We kick-off with a small and comprehensive infographic to make sure the approach towards Freight Audit & Payment in is the right shape. Follow the steps below to see how strategic your FAP approach is! Strategic Freight Audit Infographic

Step 2 The next step is to build the internal business case for your Freight Audit & Payment set-up. In this phase, you need to identify what specific features and additional services you require from your future Freight Audit & Payment provider. Often, Freight Audit Providers offer, besides the 3-7 % saving by elimination of overbilling, several services that enhance your transportation processes, such as: - Shipment booking and web-order solutions - Auto-invoicing - Financial Consolidation - Integrated Spot Shipment solution - Extra shipping costs solution - Freight Tender datasolutions

Freight Audit - How to create the Business Case

Step 3 The final step in this process is all about the comprehension of the value of freight and transportation data. Based on the data selection in step 2, the infographic in the final stage shows us exactly how the value of Freight Audit evolves using the full freight data capabilities that the Freight Audit process has to offer.

The value of Freight Auditing

Logistics Data Visibility

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