How to Maximize value out of a TMS — towards Smarter and better Transportation management

April 23, 2015 - 13:10

Webinar - Maximizing value out of a TMS

Many companies have acknowledged the need to better manage the transportation from a financial, visibility and a process perspective.

However, just implementing a Transport Management System (TMS) will not do the job.

Although the software is delivering many functionalities to make this happen the big challenge remains how you will align your organization to make sure you can use the TMS in an optimal way.

Key questions include: how can you be sure that you have the optimal cost levels, the right rates, the right rate structures and the right service and performance levels. How can benchmark contribute to answering these questions ? How should we on-board carriers, how do we manage rate updates, how do we maintain carrier changes and implementations, how do we handle KPI's and keep process documentation up to date?

In the upcoming webinar Buck Consultants International and ControlPay will discuss how to unlock value out of a Transport Management System and taking it to the next level of Smarter and better Transportation Management.

Join us in our webinar where we will share our views on getting the optimal rates in combination with the right service and to manage a TMS in a fully operational set-up, how to handle data changes and onboarding of carriers in order to maximize the value of Transportation Management and related systems.

Webinar: Unlocking the value of Transportation Management (Systems)

Webinar date: Wednesday May 27th, 4:00PM CET (10:00AM EST)

What you will learn?

  • How to get the optimal transport rates and service?
  • Steps towards better Transport Management
  • Effective ways to manage a TMS
  • How to avoid typical TMS pitfalls?
  • What efforts are involved in running a TMS?
  • How to efficiently set-up rates/data and to manage them?
  • How to get the most out of your TMS investment?
  • What TMS vendors don't tell you but what you need to know?

How to register?

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This webinar is especially interesting for

  • VP Supply chain
  • Supply Chain Directors
  • IT directors
  • Logistic managers
  • Transportation managers
  • Transport/Logistics Procurement


Patrick Haex, Managing Partner Buck Consultants International

Patrick Haex has over 20 years of experience in international production and logistics from a strategic and operational perspective across the world.

He heads up the supply chain practice at Buck Consultants International and has been instrumental in the design and implementation of many network optimization and transport management initiatives for clients such as Johnson & Johnson, IKEA, Rio Tinto, Logitech, Mexx, McCormick and many others.

Carlo Peters, Principal Consultant at Buck Consultants International

Carlo Peters has over 25 years of experience in logistics and supply chain from strategic and operational perspective across the world. His roles in the supply side of logistics encompasses operations management, project implementation, change management and business development. As consultant he has been working in many industry verticals such as healthcare, consumer electronics, retail, automotive, industrial and spare parts / aftermarket. Customer references include companies such as Johnson & Johnson, ThermoFisher, Herbalife, NuSkin, Mexx, Adidas, Mattel, Samsung, Xerox, Ford, VW, Johnson Controls, ABB, Cummins, Electrolux etc.

Dr. Pieter Kinds, Co-founder of ControlPay

Pieter Kinds has built and grown the Freight Audit provider ControlPay since it was founded 13 years ago. Having had different roles in Implementation, Operations and Business development he now focuses on bringing innovative business solutions around Freight Audit and TMS support services to the largest companies in the world.

About Buck Consultants International

Buck Consultants International (BCI) is a leading International boutique location selection and supply chain management consulting firm. BCI offers consulting and implementation services all over the globe in the area of: Supply chain strategy, Network design, Transport network and carrier mix optimization, Inventory management, S& OP, Insourcing/outsourcing of logistics and manufacturing, facility design and location/site selection. More info can be found at

About ControlPay

ControlPay ( ControlPay is the leading Freight Audit provider in Europe providing innovative Freight Audit & Payment solutions to large multinationals globally. Next to that ControlPay offers Managed TMS services. The benefits ControlPay delivers are centered around cost savings, process efficiency and logistics visibility.