How Freight Audit Reduces Your Freight Spend

Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds

September 17, 2015 - 20:00

Many companies are nowadays focused on driving down logistics and transportation spend. What companies must realize is that reducing freight spend starts with getting the correct freight and transportation data.

Does 8-10% savings of your freight spend sounds attractive enough to you?

Hard savings in relation to Freight Spend

Standard you can save 3% of your freight spend thanks to elimination of overbilling among small or large carriers, LTL, Air or Parcel carriers. In all modes you can find duplicates, non-agreed surcharges, unclear business rules, non-agreed rates and mistakes in rounding.

Efficient processes

Having no longer to put out fires and to manage manual coding, you are now getting logistics analysis via a couple of clicks, having 1 central repository for all your rates, having carrier KPI's at your finger tips and accruals refreshed on a daily basis. It all adds up to an efficient process for Logistics and Finance.

Data harmonization

With clear and correct data of your full operation at your finger tips you do not only manage the business better, but you can also do better benchmarking, better tendering and carrier selection. Clear shipment profiles, deep analysis on costs per lane, carrier, per shipment, per invoice, per origin and per customer etc. will make you the strongest negotiation partner on the table and ultimately reduce your overall freight spend.

Logistics data

With full visibility and transparency, you are well positioned to optimize your carrier base, reduce the carrier contract complexity and take out unnecessary accessorials and structure costs and fuel surcharges over countries, regions and modes.

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