How Freight Audit data drives sourcing & procurement

Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds

March 1, 2016 - 16:03

The procurement function in many companies has been strongly growing over the last decade and one of the very important pillars is that process must be followed. Although that is key to almost any function in large organizations I believe that having the right data is more important.

Having the right data really gives you the power to make the right decisions. Process compliancy is more of a necessary pain than really bringing value if you have the data. Nevertheless, good data is often hard to come by. Many organizations are swamped by too much data in the wrong format. This is where Freight Audit Providers like make a difference.

Thanks to the structured nature of how Freight settlement processes work a lot of data is unified in one system ready for procurement to be mined and to be analyzed. A couple of examples what this data exactly brings:

  • Average costs per carrier, per lane, per shipment, per weight measure, per time period
  • Shipment profiles
  • Lane profiles
  • Percentages of accessorials per shipment
  • Percentages of spot prices
  • Extra cost requested
  • Overbilling per carrier
  • Cost to serve reports
  • Carrier performance reports Having this data at your fingertips means you can exactly select the right carriers at the right price with the right scope.

Of course using a good Tender solution like for example will help. Freight Audit & Payment does not only deliver you immediate cost savings but ensures also long term cost savings by allowing you to source better via perfect data.


INFOGRAPHIC - How Freight Audit reduces freight spend

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Pieter Kinds is one of the founders of ControlPay, the largest Freight Audit company in the EMEA region. As ControlPay’s Director for Sales & Business Development, he has over 14 years of experience selling Freight Audit solutions to large multinationals and Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Use this link for more information regarding our global freight audit and payment services.