How to avoid risks in Freight Payment

February 16, 2015 - 13:33

In this blog I want to share some quick and handy tips that can ensure that you eliminate certain risks in Freight Payment.

Below here I have categorised three important checkpoints, all contributing to save freight invoice payment.

  • Have your Audit provider send approved freight invoices to an online AP processing platform, like and easily pay yourself on the platform that is integrated with your own bank
  • Have your Audit provider send approved invoices to your own outsourced or internal shared service or AP center
  • Have your Audit provider send data directly into SAP/Oracle/Peoplesoft/...where it gets booked automatically and where it is easy to pay with a couple of clicks.

In all cases, the money will go directly from your own bank account to the bank account of the carrier! There is no need to run any risk with your money and why should you pay 1 provider to have him pay the other?

Zero risk in Freight Payment -ControlPay Freight Audit solutions


ControlPay is at the forefront of changing how carriers are nowadays billing their customers. With our unique solutions we eliminate paper where legally possible, speed up the billing process and automate many manual handling points in the audit, coding and payment process.


Based on the billing instruction that is generated out of the matching process, the carrier is able to easily create his own invoice online. By clicking a link in his e-mail he will automatically be directed to the billing instruction where the carrier only has to fill in his invoice number and invoice data. The invoice is then automatically created, electronically stamped and sent off for payment without any further manual interference. The invoice is always in the same format and always correct.


Is your order data in shape and you provide us with the data via an interface? We like it to be the basis for our most efficient process that creates credit notes that are automatically being sent to the carriers on a weekly basis. No data interchange with carriers needed, no paper invoices, just 1 credit note per week per carrier based on the data coming out of your ERP or TMS system. ControlPay does the price calculation and the automated cost allocation and feeds it back into your financial system so there is a minimum of work on all sides.

ControlPay - Freight Audit & Payments solutions

Freight Audit & Payment Features and benefits we deliver

1) Savings from 3 to 7% of Client freight spend
2) 100% invoice control
3) Invoice processing for all transportation modes
4) Full account coding
5) FTE (full-time employee) savings
6) Centralization of contracts and rates
7) Full transparency in processes
8) Valuable management information
9) Efficiency in processes
10) Certified services

EXTRA: ControlPay In-house Banking