Freight Cost visibility through Open Source Business Intelligence

Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds

July 8, 2015 - 10:59

Open Source Business Intelligence helps create freight 'audit trail'.

ControlPay, a European-founded pioneer in freight auditing, announced that it will expand its services portfolio with open source business intelligence technology from market leader, Pentaho. Customers, who include some of the world's largest manufacturers, will now gain greater insight into 'hidden' transportation costs.

Set up by logistics experts, ControlPay's strong staff has codified years of transportation knowledge into a software-driven service delivered via an e-platform. Its B2B customers deal with large variances in costs due to factors such as location, distance from distribution points and which carrier they contract with in each region.

ContolPay's use of Pentaho Analysis allows for greater drill-down into less obvious costs such as weight per pallet, loyalty discounts, road tolls and regional tax regimes. Pentaho Dashboards, part of the Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition, provides ControlPay with an attractive and intuitive visual interface, while Pentaho Reporting means easy formatting and distribution of information to employees, customers and partners.

Pieter Kinds, Chief Operating Officer of ControlPay said: "Logistics is a major cost incurred by many businesses and one which the internet revolution has left relatively untouched. Understanding the most efficient route to market across decentralized networks is a distracting challenge for organizations trying to satisfy global markets. Using our e-platform with Pentaho Enterprise Edition, brings disparate knowledge into one transparent hub, which means ControlPay customers have oversight on one screen of logistics data from many sources. This is a breakthrough."

ControlPay's innovation is to provide customers with the same, or better, knowledge about carrier rates, local offers and routing options as logistics suppliers. Typically, ControlPay customers did not previously have an overview of this data, as they have grown organically without updating their systems to reflect today's more complex logistic costs.

INFOGRAPHIC- Transport Data visibility

The ControlPay team selected Pentaho to provide more detailed data integration and analysis after a trial of Pentaho's community edition and following other positive experiences with open source technologies such as Tomcat, JBoss and Apache.

Kinds added "We love the flexibility of open source and we like to be in control of our own development. With popular products like Pentaho, you get superior technology because of the wide pool of talent contributing to the code in real time. This means we always have the latest technology and this gives ControlPay a real competitive advantage."

Vinay Joosery, VP Sales EMEA of Pentaho Corporation said: "To compete in today's enterprise, companies can no longer operate on 'gut feel'. They need insightful, timely and intuitive Business Intelligence. Innovators like ControlPay know this well and are using the Pentaho BI Suite to create smarter organizations which deliver previously unseen levels of business value to their customers."

About ControlPay

Control pay is a world leader in freight auditing with offices in the Netherlands, Ukraine and USA (where it is SOX certified). Interfacing with over 1000 carriers in more than 15 languages, ControlPay processes over €1 billion of freight spend on behalf of some of the world's largest companies and their logistics partners.

About Pentaho Corporation

Pentaho is delivering the future of business analytics. Pentaho's open source heritage drives our continued innovation in a modern, integrated, embeddable platform built for the future of analytics, including diverse and big data requirements. Powerful business analytics are made easy with Pentaho's cost-effective suite for data access, visualization, integration, analysis and mining. For a free evaluation, download Pentaho Business Analytics at

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