Freight Audit and Visibility: Reporting on demand

Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds

August 31, 2016 - 09:38

Logistics reporting at your fingertips

If you are looking for total visibility of your logistics costs over different countries, modes, sites, business units, systems, regions, and carriers, then Freight Audit is the only way to deliver 100% clinical data throughout your organization.

Freight Audit: The basics

Freight Audit is a concept that is still relatively new, especially to many in Europe. Where it seems that Freight Audit does not leave much to the imagination, it is in fact, a deceptive term. Freight Audit does not cover all its’ promises and deliverables.
Freight Audit is in its basic form checking and verifying of invoices to ensure that you pay the right amounts to your carrier. However applying that principle in a strategic way means that you have correct and undisputed data which serves many purposes that bring you savings, value and efficiency in all of your processes around logistics.

Focus on Logistics Data

The freight audit & payment process produces a lot of logistics and transportation data on your freight- and carrier performance. Reporting on demand via current day's web-based platforms allow you to access your data at any time at any location. And the intelligence coming out of the freight audit process can be very valuable for your organization.

Freight Audit Reporting

ControlPay delivers a wide range of reporting capabilities that allow you to view costs per carrier, per lane, per business unit or per cost center. Next to that, extensive reporting on shipment volumes, accessorial transportation costs such as Maut, fuel surcharge etc is available. These reports are consolidated in analytical reports that show for example cost per volume in different parameters. Giving an indepth view on your transportation costs which will help making your organization more efficient and cost effective.

Performance tracking

Keeping track of delivery times and pick up times is not a tough task anymore with an advanced freight audit and payment solution. The reporting coming out of the process allows you

Freight Audit and your Financial Department

As the control on real-time transportation costs becomes more and more strict, finance departments are stronger focussed at having up to reporting and real-time reporting of different cost centers. As we automatically calculate freight costs in our system upon receipt of the order data, you have a direct view on accruals or pre-calculated costs. This means that extensive time-consuming excel type of reporting can be ruled out and you do not have to wait any longer for clear reporting on your different distribution centers, plants or business centers

Final Freight Invoicing

One of the benefits that Shipper and Carrier get working with ControlPay as Freight Audit provider is the accurate final invoicing. Freight invoices passing our self-build freight audit platform are not only being checked on correct pricing but also on the validity of the data : billing entity, cost split, account coding, VAT number etc. Only when the above-described details are stated correctly on the final invoice, the bill will reach the Shippers entity and will be paid within agreed due dates.

The benefits of all round Logistics Reporting

  • Easy Acess via the cloud
  • Centralized reporting on 1 platform
  • Clinical data, directly extracted from the processed orders and invoices and no manual interference
  • No longer need to create reporting manually
  • Comprehensive lay-out
  • PDF and Excel extraction
  • Customize reports to specific needs

About ControlPay Global Freight Audit & Payment

ControlPay is the largest and the most advanced Freight Audit provider in Europe. We do not only provide many savings but actively enhance and improve processes around logistics between shippers and carriers. That is where the real value lies of our services. Contact us for a chat on Freight Audit 2.0: