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August 1, 2017 - 19:09

Discover how the added values for your logistics and finance department are delivered by the most advanced outsourced freight audit solution in the market today.

Freight Audit Benefits for Logistics

- Full visibility of processes, data and carrier performance
- Freight audit data accurate for benchmarking and tendering
- Improved procurement position thanks to timely and correct payment
- Exception management handled by ControlPay

Freight Audit Benefits for Finance

- Automated account coding by AP integration (e.g. SAP Idoc's)
- Real time accruals
- Statement of accounts solved effectively
- Push the button payments
- 100% flawless invoices and timely payments

About ControlPay - The Global Freight Audit Company

We have always had an international focus being based in Europe and took the collaborative nature of international processing to our platform. This means that our platform has a very high degree of visibility for both shipper and carrier. Also the lack of standardization in transportation regarding rates, business rules, ways of calculation have been taken into account when we set up our system. That is why we are very flexible in handling many different rate structures, different rules and calculation methods.

Freight Audit platform

We have built our own Freight Audit platform and as a matter of fact we are still building it. We have a team of almost 20 IT professionals who are developing new features and functionalities on an on-going basis. Monthly we have a new release of our system. Our platform is built in Java and fully web based. It is also the most advanced audit platform available in the market today and has a very user-friendly interface with a transparent structure. This platform is seamlessly interconnected with a Business Intelligence platform.

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