ControlPay means Business Class Service for each and every client

June 25, 2015 - 16:56

For the past 12 years, ControlPay has been the leading name in Freight Audit and Transport Management solutions to many multinational companies.

In a constant evolving logistics, ControlPay manages to provide its clients Business Class service at the highest standard each and every day. Of course, the success of ControlPay is in no small part due to ControlPay's relationship with each of its clients.

And surely we're all about business, yet we find it equally important to know what thrives the people behind the company. For ControlPay, it's the urge to provide for more transparency and client empowerment. This was our goal for the past decade and will be what thrives us in the decade ahead of us.

Our clients spend a lot of money on both outbound as inbound shipping. Managing all carriers, individual shipments, corresponding invoices and TMS systems is a meticulous and cumbersome task which tend to take up a lot of organizational resources. Although it's absolutely worth the while managing this, there simply isn't enough time.

That's where our well trainedFreight Auditand Transport Management system specialists come in. It's our daily business, we've got a lot of focus on this specific field and are therefore able to earn considerable gains for our clients while getting paid a fraction of it. Sounds like a deal, yet focus is hard to maintain and temptation is easy to give into.

It is by this deep understanding of the various links within the client organization and assisting each individual department to satisfy needs, that we proudly can say that we truly are the best in our business.

Our track record shows double-digit growth year after year and looking forward we will continue to pursue opportunities in new and emerging markets and expand our proven concept further across the globe. We're ready for another decade of growth and added value; a simple phrase used too much yet proven too little.

Here's to results based on transparency. ControlPay's there for you, we're looking forward to engaging with your organization and share how surprisingly fast we can increase your insights, decrease freight cost complexity and save you money.

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