ControlPay increases charity program with large donation to Tulsun Foundation

Ken Klaver

Ken Klaver

August 1, 2017 - 16:09

ControlPay Global Freight Audit and the TulSun Foundation have big news to share! With a cheque worth €50,000, the global freight audit company raised its support and dedication to the people of Ukraine.

"We are happy to announce that last week, one of TulSun Foundation biggest sponsors gave a cheque for 50,000 euros," Vita Iakvan, CEO of Tulsun Ukraine said. "We thank ControlPay Global Freight Audit and especially Director Bram Wegh, and CEO Karel Kinds. "They gave us an opportunity to do amazing things for the Ukrainian children together."

With the support of ControlPay, TulSun Foundation is funding scholarship programs throughout the country. (Learn More)

About the Tulsun Foundation

The Tulsun foundation is focused on creating conditions for changing the quality of life for the young children in Ukraine. The Fund team uses advanced experience to achieve the best results. We answer to the expectations of the benefactors and promote early positive changes in our society.We remind you that we have current project that require constant support. That is why your help is strongly important for us. Visit our and become a supporter today! Let`s help children together! Join us and the Tulsun foundation!

About ControlPay Global Freight Audit

ControlPay is the largest Freight Audit provider in Europe. Our strong, Dutch roots in logistics, in combination with Ukraine's IT powerhouse, has evolved our company over the last 14 years. We serve our global customers from our Audit processing center in Kyiv, the IT capital of Europe. In return, ControlPay shows strong dedication to the Ukrainian people. We are an active supporter of UNICEF Ukraine and the Tulsun Foundation.

For all of its customers, ControlPay works with a dedicated and growing staff of 150 professionals. We guarantee a solid organization in a closed loop, with information, technology, and knowledge as our core pillars. In our team, all people know each process and are skilled in processing each mode of transport and know the specifics of logistics.

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