ControlPay Global Freight Audit supports Brain TV

Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds

April 14, 2016 - 08:05

First Ukrainian tech channel

Global freight audit & payment provider ControlPay has partnered up with Brain tv, the first ever television channel in Ukraine about the tech & IT industry. The channel will start broadcasting educational, information, and entertainment programs about IT from April 2016 via the online multimedia platform Divan.Ukraine's IT industry has been demanding a worldwide channel it and finally it's time to reveal its true potential to the whole world, according to the founders. Karel Kinds, Founder & President: "ControlPay is committed to support the growing Ukrainian IT industry and sees BrainTV as an important medium to share the wide range of opportunities the booming Ukrainian IT market has to offer." Brain TV has an ambitious goal to become the chief PR manager of Ukrainian IT market in Ukraine and the world. 'We want to provide all the players with and opportunity to be seen and heard, to share their thoughts, success stories, problems and knowledge with Ukrainians. That's why we decided to launch a call for applications to participate in Brain TV broadcasting.' ControlPay provides a unique end to end logistics management solution for multinationals around the globe. ControlPay is a leading Freight Audit company that has developed a unique purchase 2 pay concept that entails solutions around Freight sourcing & procurement, Freight Audit and control towers. Based on a strong mix of managed services, cloud solutions and advanced technology we deliver superior logistics visibility, process optimization and seamless data integration with ERP systems for financial and logistics data. A high level of automation and 100% correct data are key concepts to the ControlPay offering. The youngest online tech tv channel of Ukraine officially launches on April 20, 2016.

About Brain TV

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