ControlPay Freight Audit successfully passes ISAE 3402 type II review

Ken Klaver

Ken Klaver

March 1, 2015 - 12:34

Global Freight Audit and Payment Provider ControlPay has has successfully passed the ISAE 3402 Type II review for its Freight Invoice Audit system for processing customers’ transactions.

The Type 2 audit, which included a detailed review of the design and operating effectiveness of ControlPay’s controls, was performed by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm that specializes in conducting ISAE3402 audits. ControlPay received an immaculate Service Auditors’ Report, which implies no exceptions were noted during testing.

"ControlPay is continuously focused on improving processes and making them more efficient", CEO and founder Karel Kinds said in a statement. "Together with account management, management is also aiming to reduce any risks possibly linked with current processes. When any improvements have been identified, management will implement these improvements through either re-arranging processes or system parts."

The examination was performed in accordance with International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3402. ControlPay’s policies, procedures, and operations for the areas reviewed were suitably designed to achieve its control objectives and have operated effectively throughout 2016.

About ControlPay Global Freight Audit

ControlPay is a non-traditional global freight audit provider as we are a Dutch company and always had a very strong international focus on the logistics part of our business. As such, we have approached the development of our self-build Freight Audit platform in this fashion.

15 years ago, ControlPay was set up to support large multinationals with complex logistics structures and their needs for control in logistics costs and freight invoice flows. This is still very true today.

We always have had an international focus being based in Europe and took the collaborative nature of international processing to our platform.

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