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Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds

May 13, 2016 - 19:38

ControlPay Global Freight Audit & Payment wants to support you in the search of the ideal Freight Audit Provider.

Strategic Freight Audit & Payment

Recently a major industrial multinational, leader in its' field, decided to work with ControlPay for its' EMEA Freight Audit. After a rigorous tender process, ControlPay was chosen for its' robust IT Audit platform and the solid offering of innovative services. Companies who choose to work for ControlPay are looking for strategic long-term partnership based on ongoing value delivery. But unfortunately, not all companies approach Freight Audit & Payment with a strategic view, leaving serious logistics cost savings and valuable Freight Data on the table. We have a decent amount of recourses available that could support you in the decision-making process. But before we go over to that, we think it is important for logistics professionals to ask themselves six questions, right before the search for the ideal Freight Audit & Payment provider starts. Let's take a look: 1. Do you take a strategic view at Freight Audit? Yes/No If you take a strategic approach, please ask yourself the following questions: 2. Should the Freight Audit & Payment set-up be based on your requirements only or do you listen to the provider? 3. Are you interested in other services beyond Freight Audit such as benchmarking, tender support, different tools? 4. Should the provider have offices everywhere or do you care more about a robust and modern Freight Audit Platform? 5. Is the price level the most important driver for your decision? 6. Are you looking to develop a long-term partnership or do you want to achieve quick savings?

Value and Freight Audit & Payment

We have developed this strategic Freight Audit model in order to improve visibility and awareness about the hidden benefits of outsourcing freight audit & payment. To learn more about unlocking the full value of Freight Audit, please read the following post:

The value of Freight Auditing

At ControlPay, we are very active on social platforms and online communities to inspire and support professionals in the logistics and supply chain environment looking for a Freight Audit & Payment solution. Visit our logistics content hub for daily updates and insights, or feel free to send us an email with your freight audit and payment issues, questions or remarks to We are happy to support your company in the search of Freight Audit & Payment value.