TulSun Foundation and ControlPay in action for kids in need

Rolf Bax

Rolf Bax

June 25, 2020 - 08:54

TulSun Foundation is an independent Dutch-Ukrainian charity organization that cooperates with Ukrainian and international companies in charity projects on health, education, sports and development of children from orphanages and social rehabilitation centers of Ukraine. TulSun provides support to socially vulnerable children, orphans, children without parents care and children with special needs.

TulSun Foundation was founded in 2016 by Karel Kinds, president of ControlPay in order to give a chance for a happy and healthy future for little Ukrainians in orphanages. During these 4 years’ activities, more than 40 charitable projects have been implemented. 2,300 children received help from the TulSun Foundation. TulSun has earned the trust and became partners with more than 20 large companies like Acer, GlobalLogic, Premier Palace, Puma, PPD etc. As well as official support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine. 


Social responsibility

TulSun Fundation takes part in development of a culture of charity in Ukraine and also helps large, medium and small businesses to be involved in this process and have a positive social effect. Prior to becoming a partner with the TulSun Foundation every company receives a full and transparent information on the Foundation’s work. TulSun helps companies choose the most relevant project for them. It is also up to the partners to decide the desired level of participation in project implementation. Some partners choose to be involved in every activity of the fund and get involved in the project implementation, and some prefer to finance the activities and receive the complete financial, photo and video reports after. It is very important for the fund to make all conditions of cooperation comfortable. 

Health, education, sport and the future

TulSun’s projects aim to help children to be healthy, educated and have a happy future. The main pride of TulSun Foundation is its medical project Healthy Journey, which was founded in 2019 in partnership with UniversumClinic. The project involves a full spectrum of medical examinations under the personal control of UniversumClinic: initial examinations, all necessary blood and other testing, consultations of pediatricians and narrow specialists, medical and surgical treatment, dental and orthodontic treatment, psychological support, vaccinations, etc.

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Together with its partners, TulSun promotes the idea of early development methods of Maria Montessori and organizes Montessori rooms in orphanages. Through various sports projects (including fitness, boxing lessons, volleyball competitions etc.) TulSun together with partners motivate children to practice physical activities and promote healthy lifestyle.

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Education vector also occupies a significant part in the work of the fund. With the strong partners’ support, TulSun’s project “Ready for school” provides all the necessary school equipment to orphans. Considering the importance of English language in modern world and its poor level of teaching in orphanages TulSun provides free English lessons for children, as well as for graduates of orphanages. 

Children Future

TulSun is trying to provide orphans with a basis for their happy and successful future. My Future Profession project attracts the most prestigious and famous companies on Ukrainian labor market to show the children great perspectives, motivate them and help choosing the right profession. The foundation continues taking care of orphans even after their graduation from orphanages in order to support them during studying and starting practice at work.

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TulSun Foundations aims to provide orphans in Ukraine the care and support they are deprived from due to different situations and help them on their way to the better future.

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Visit: https://tulsun.foundation/ 

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