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Rolf Bax

Rolf Bax

April 17, 2019 - 10:18

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Update 5-5-2020

Freight Bill Auditing has two dominant goals for empowering your business: cost savings and data insights

While even the traditional Freight Audit services allow your business to reduce logistical expenses (for example, by avoiding overbilling), high-tech Freight Bill Auditing also has the capacity to process large amounts of logistical data. This enables the service provider to give business-owners and managers a deep understanding of their own freight billing process, as well as adjacent activities. Consequently, Freight Audit services powered by technological solutions are not only about noticeably reducing your expenses, but also about providing awareness and insights into your logistical operations. In short, the cost reduction goal makes sure you consistently save money by paying only what you owe. The data insight component opens access to deeper understanding.

Freight Bill Auditing can have considerable differences when it comes to choosing between a low-tech and a high-tech service provider

The Freight Audit industry started out based on a traditional pen-and-paper review service, but IT-powered companies like ControlPay have evolved Freight Bill Auditing into a technologically advanced area. This provides clients with unparalleled precision in controlling their logistical costs and understanding the details of incoming freight billing. Automation and cloud-based solutions play an increasingly important role as cutting-edge service providers push the boundaries of efficiency and business benefits.

High-tech Freight Auditing has a strong analytical component 

Combining software processing with human intelligence and auditing skills, a high-technology Freight Audit service has a strong foundation in analytics. Through a bird’s eye view of overbilling and similar occurrences, a Freight Audit provider analyzes logistical data to produce its results and conclusions. In this scenario, Freight Bill Auditing not only answers the “what” but also the “why” of many logistical issues, allowing the client to make informed decisions. Read more about the best practices in Freight Audit

The cost-saving benefits of Freight Audit services relate not only to overbilling but also to saving the valuable time of your employees 

Advanced Freight Audit providers possess vast experience in logistical billing issues, as well as the technology to make the auditing process efficient, they are perfectly positioned to resolve questions as they arise. This saves your managers and high-level experts from spending large amounts of time trying to make sense of complicated and confusing situations on their own. With a Freight Audit company on your side, its software and efficient auditors assist and provide clarity.

Freight Bill Auditing can even serve a preventative function 

With the right service setup, Freight Auditing can at times catch issues before they reach the invoice stage, as the auditing provider is able to monitor logistical inaccuracies at various junctures.

High-tech Freight Audit provides a three-way verification of data accuracy

Data inputs into Freight Bill Auditing come from three sources: the shipper (the client), the carrier (the side that provides logistical services) and the auditing company itself. This way, the auditing process (as employed by ControlPay) provides data accuracy that is verified by all parties and leaves no doubts at the final stage.

A high-tech Freight Audit service provider is your strong ally in ambiguous logistical situations, providing clarity through analytics and IT-powered data processing 

While manual-only (or paper-only) reviews are often unable to get to the bottom of multi-layered issues, Freight Auditing that is based on software and cloud solutions can give an understanding of even complicated and confusing situations. The software sees the relevant data and highlights facts and patterns that are notoriously hard to pinpoint in manual-only auditing. Combining the data-processing capabilities of software and the experience of auditors provides a powerful result. Clarity and understanding are often the most valuable commodity for any business.

High-level Freight Bill Auditing often adopts a custom-tailored approach to clients 

The challenges of Freight Audit partly come from the diversity of logistical procedures and environments in which the clients operate. No two customers are exactly alike. Every client-company is different in how it handles logistics and freight needs. Every business has its own procedures, established methods and region-specific rules it has to follow. However, a high-level Freight Audit company is all about rising to the challenge and having a personalized approach to the customer’s needs. Proprietary software and years of professional experience allow for a custom-tailored approach to the clients’ unique business nature.

About ControlPay 
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