3 must-read articles for Warehousing professionals

 Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds

January 29, 2016 - 18:07

Warehouse managers and logistics professionals are constantly looking for optimized warehousing solutions for customers, employees and future business requirements. This blog provides three great resource links; 7 practical tips, the latest on e-commerce solutions and a great angle for warehouse data solutions. Furthermore, we give our expert insight in the benefits of a full warehouse audit process.

1. 7 tips: How to optimize your warehouse

The warehouse is often the core of the company, and is it where the customers acquire their orders. Therefore, optimization of the warehouse is crucial for the company's delivery to their customers. To save hours and offer your customers a faster and more accurate delivery, Norwegian Logistics Expert, Lager og Industrisystemer (Warehouse and Industrial Systems), gives their seven tips on to how you can optimize your warehouse. Access the post here: http://www.consignor.com/news1/287-7-tips-how-to-optimize-your-warehous…

2. VIDEO: Next generation e-commerce

DB Schenker has successfully implemented in its Arlandastad Logistics Center, near Stockholm, Sweden, the CarryPick automated online order fulfillment and returns handling solution for Lekmer.com, Scandinavia's largest online toy retailer. Core of the new system are 65 self-moving robots (Automated Guided Vehicles - AGV) which handle 1,550 mobile racks, managing 35,000 different articles and up to 40,000 order lines per day. Covering more than 6,000 square meters warehouse space, the solution today is probably the biggest of its kind, worldwide. Due to its modular design the 24/7 solution can be expanded to face seasonable peaks or growth in the customer's business and runs on an intelligent software that has been linked to DB Schenker's own warehouse management system.

DB Schenker implementing next generation e-commerce

EXTRA: Pallets Infographics

Pallets infographic collection: Effective solution for storage

3. Building the Connected Warehouse

The third blog we'd like you to take a look at a great blog, but this time from a IT perspective. Sid Geddam describes briefly how a business can effectively utilize a range of data flows across the warehouse business processes that has a massive impact on warehouse and supply chain performance. A great read on the possibilities of Warehouse data. http://www.inboundlogistics.com/cms/article/building-the-connected-ware...

Warehouse Data: Warehouse audit process

As a global freight audit & payment provider, we'd like to continue with warehouse data from our own perspective. Starting with the greatest benefit of a full warehouse audit, namely the ability to gain access to all logistics data reporting in a flash, both warehousing and freight costs. Inside a warehouse, many activities take place, all of which are all logged in a WMS system. Together with our ControlBilling integration, you are able to harmonize the logistics data structure. Our Freight Audit process offers unique data input for deep analysis of transport data:


ControlBilling is our most efficient freight audit process. This is a form of self-billing and it is based upon the (shipment) order data that we receive out of an ERP or TMS system. This data is rated against the rates and business rules that we have in our system. Also the cost allocation is automatically being added if needed and the right invoice entity is indicated. A solid warehouse audit will provide your company with clinical data on put away timing, storage time, picking time, which will allow you to compare overall warehouse performance and eventually, will allow you to improve your warehousing process based on solid data.

Benefits of full warehouse freight audit

- E2E cost visibility on Order level

- Reporting (KPI, Financial reporting )

- Warehouse Management based on Audited Data

- Continuous Improvement program

- Possibility to run Warehouse Tender on single Warehouse workflow

- Productivity Measurement

ControlPay Warehouse Freight Audit Process

Audit phase 1 - Inbound

Audit phase 2 - Storage

Audit phase 3 - Pick and Pack

Audit phase 4 - Shipping For a more detailed view on our warehouse audit process, please don't hesitate to contact us via info@controlpay.com. We are more than happy to support you with your warehouse (data) challenges or give our advice with regards to a solid warehouse audit.