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    Freight Auditing: How are companies performing?

    Managing shipping costs is a hot potato in logistics nowadays. Indeed, it is increasingly becoming the number one priority for a businesses’ bottom line. But where to start? In this article, we describe one of the most effective ways to keep transportation costs at a manageable level. 

    6 steps for retooling your freight audit setup

    freight audit

    How to implement freight audit without flaws and delay's


    An interview about best practices in the industry with Olena Shulgach - Implementation director ControlPay Global Freight Audit & Payment.


    4 alternatives that reduce parcel deliveries and cut pollution

    parcel delivery

    The booming E-commerce market is not showing any sign of slowing down. Interesting for manufacturers, retailers, and web-shops, but what about the parcel delivery industry and the corresponding C02 emissions?

    Ukrainian children 'left in the cold' while sheltering for violence

    freight audit

    'Dad, is that a salute? – No, son, it’s the sound of an automatic fire burst' (sub-machine gun fire)

    When you have children of your own, or you are professionally involved with children, you know that the academic year always starts in September. But what if you can't guarantee the safety of the children? 

    Freight Auditing: 3 golden tips for creating a RFP

    freight bill auditing

    This blog about freight bill auditing is not to help you finding the cheapest or the best supplier. It is not to convince anybody that freight audit outsourcing is the only way. We believe every company is different and that one ideal supplier or solution for all companies simply does not exist. 

    The evolving industry of Freight Audit and Payment

    Is managing freight expenses in-house current day still a solid practice? In this post we look at the evolving market of freight audit and payment solutions and the future of the industry. 

    The pain or gain of the globalization of financial supply chains

    Today’s transportation environment is becoming more global and this shift is also noticeable for financial departments of companies that ship globally.

    Ocean freight invoices: Pressure and frustration piling up

    Sinking freight rates and vanished revenue because of a lowering demand have fueled high tension between shippers and carriers in the ocean transportation industry. Especially the accuracy of ocean freight invoices is about to reach a boiling point.