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How ControlPay delivers the most advanced Freight Audit solution


15% of the yearly revenues is being invested back into research, development and innovation to ensure ControlPay’s leading position in Freight Audit. On an ongoing basis, new functionalities and features are developed based on an internal roadmap and customer feedback. An ever-growing level of automation reduces manual work and increases productivity which allows ControlPay to grow its’ customer base. The Freight Audit platform and the associated tools are all built in Java and allow us to be flexible in ongoing development. The platform is fully web-based.


At ControlPay we match pre-invoice data with shipment data, in cases of perfect shipping data we don’t even need the pre-invoice data. After that we tell the carrier what he should be billing. This happens automatically via weekly generated billing instructions. Based on this instruction the carrier than log in to the Freight Audit platform via an e-mail link and can easily convert this instruction into a real invoice by only filling in his invoice number.

Advantages of Auto-Invoicing

  • Faster invoice creation
  • No more errors in invoices
  • Invoices are online available
  • No more statements of accounts needed


ControlPay interfaces with many shipper and carrier organizations to receive and send shipment and invoice data. As such we have a wide experience with different types of EDI and AS2. Moreover, ControlPay is flexible to integrate in the way preferred by shipper or carrier.

Automated cost allocation

One hidden benefit of Freight Audit is the fact that we can save a lot of time in the Finance Department. Cost allocation is often a complex task that is mostly being done manually. ControlPay streamlines this process by programming all the business rules around cost centres and cost accounts so that processed costs are automatically allocated to the right cost drivers. This is already available at the stage of accruals.

Exception workflow

Issues and exceptions are easily managed via the workflow integrated in the Freight Audit platform. This means that everything is handled within the tool while linked to specific shipments, contracts and invoices. This means that shippers and carriers can easily find information related to the specific exception and answer to it. Thanks to the full integration, KPI’s around exception handling and visibility about who approved what can be shown in Business Intelligence.

Web order

The web order is an online shipment booking tool. Based on easy to use templates a shipment can be booked and sent real-time to the carrier. nformation like account coding can be added as well. The information can be used right away on the audit platform as accrual and the information of the web order is automatically added to the weekly billing instruction.


Years of steady and stable growth have allowed ControlPay to create the optimal company structure to service its’ customers. Within the Audit Department there are several disciplines that take a dedicated approach at rate updates, managing processes, data validation and carrier and shipper communication. Audit professionals within ControlPay all have a university background and are internally trained in logistics and Freight Audit by the ControlPay’s Training Department.


Project structure

New customer implementation projects are managed by multiple teams headed up by a Project Manager. These teams work closely together during the implementation. Solution Engineers work out the different processes and scenarios for the customer whereas the Implementation Department takes care of rate card analysis, upload of data and testing of the data. The IT Department programs the logics, cost allocation, business rules and builds interfaces where needed. Advanced reporting and Project Management software is used to manage timelines and the various responsibilities throughout the implementation.

Logistics expertise

ControlPay was founded by the believe that invoice verification could be done a lot more efficient. Based on a lot of logistics experience the idea was simple, bring all transport related items together in one file and manage it from beginning to end. This philosophy sounds simple but it is a defining difference compared with our competitors who have built their processes and systems from an invoice and payment angle. At ControlPay we feel that knowing and understanding logistics brings us closer to our customers and truly has put us in a position to deliver ongoing value in the continuously changing logistics landscape. 

ControlPay Case Studies
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The business case of a global leading, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company that uses ControlPay's fully outsourced and web-based Freight Audit solution to optimize freight costs and visibility. To discover more details about this Freight Audit case study please click on the button below.
International manufacturer freight audit and payment case study
An International manufacturing company decided to select an external party to perform an administrative part (freight audit & payment) of the freight. The idea was to outsource the repetitive tasks and use an advanced IT solution in order to have LSCM more focused on strategic business tasks.

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