Freight Audit platform

We have always had an international focus being based in Europe and took the collaborative nature of international processing to our platform. This means that our platform has a very high degree of visibility for both shipper and carrier. Also the lack of standardization in transportation regarding rates, business rules, ways of calculation have been taken into account when we set up our system. That is why we are very flexible in handling many different rate structures, different rules and calculation methods.

We have built our own Freight Audit platform and as a matter of fact we are still building it. We have a team of almost 20 IT professionals who are developing new features and functionalities on an on-going basis. Monthly we have a new release of our system. Our platform is built in Java and fully web based. It is also the most advanced audit platform available in the market today and has a very user-friendly interface with a transparent structure. This platform is seamlessly interconnected with a Business Intelligence platform.

Freight Audit platform

Specific features and tools on the audit platform:

Issue resolution

We register and monitor all the issues created on our system either by our staff, the carrier or the customer. These issues are connected to shipments and eventually to invoices. There are extensive KPI’s and reporting around issue resolution. This workflow centrally manages all the issues in data, overbilling and questions and clarifications that may exist. It will replace e-mailing.

Extra Cost tool

The extra cost tool is an online application integrated in our online audit platform where carriers can register additional costs via a unique reference number. These costs will be reviewed by the appropriate person on the customer side and if correct will be added to the original shipment. This tool gives a great insight in the extra costs in transportation and saves the customer and the carrier time in its handling.


Based on the billing instruction the carrier is able to easily create his own invoice online. This is an optional tool but we see that many large and small carriers like to use this for the ease and speed of the process. The invoice is always in the same format and always correct.

Automated cost allocation

The cost allocation is based on the rules that are provided to us by the customer and programmed in the our system together with the rules around VAT. We are able to split costs based on GL codes and to deliver it automatically back via an interface to the ERP system.

Web order

The web order is an online shipment booking tool. Based on easy to use templates a shipment can be booked and sent real-time to the carrier. Information like account coding can be added as well. The information can be used right away on the audit platform as accrual and the information of the web order is automatically added to the weekly billing instruction. The web order makes the ad hoc shipment process more visible and more efficient.

Spot shipment solution

A structured, secure and transparent way to manage your spot rate shipments

ControlPay has recognized the needs of many multinationals to be flexible in handling spot shipments without spending too much time on it. In general, shippers face the following issues with regards to spot shipments and / or spot rate management:

  1. No clear overview of who is responsible / authorized for requesting/approving spot rates
  2. No insight regarding why spot rates are needed
  3. Few records of spot rate agreements archived
  4. Lack of approval limit control
  5. Limited overview of who is requesting/approving which spot rates

Our spot shipment solution offers:

  • System driven process, routing requests automatically to authorized person(s)
  • Approval hierarchy based system
  • Fraud proof structure (Segregation of roles)
  • Easy integration with shippers TMS
  • Low touch communication flow between shipper and carrier

ControlPay takes the analysis, procurement and negotiation completely out of the hands of the customer and makes sure that in line with strict customer requirements the best carriers are chosen based on different criteria. This service is offered in cooperation with a specialized partner who procures yearly over 200 million in Freight in Europe alone. Combined with ControlPay’s advanced benchmarking technology ControlPay ensures a smooth and efficient tender process that selects the best carriers at the best price.

Also possible as a stand-alone function