Trained dedication

Our dedicated audit team

Most of our staff form dedicated teams for the comprehensive support of customers. That means that the same staff members are responsible for processing invoices, rate updates, handling of the different processes, managing communication with carriers and customer and taking care of reports and specific customer requests.

How our auditors are trained

All ControlPay auditors go through a rigorous process of training, learning on the job, logistics courses and have an academic level, often combined with a linguistic background. New auditors are placed in existing audit teams. Only once they are up to speed on every process, are they fully cleared for operation. In this transitional period, they are closely supervised by senior colleagues and management to ensure the practical application of all acquired knowledge.

The ControlPay management team appreciates and encourages the individual contributions of every employee in the continuous growth and development of the company. Therefore, we award nominees from within our teams by involving them in this developmental and motivational program.