Logistics expertise

ControlPay was founded based on the belief that invoice verification can be done in a supremely efficient and streamlined manner. Through our vast logistics experience, we implemented a simple but powerful idea: bring all transport related items together in one file and manage it from beginning to end.
This philosophy sounds straightforward, but it is the key difference between us and our competitors. Many service providers have built their processes and systems from an invoice and payment angle. At ControlPay, however, we feel that knowing and understanding logistics brings us closer to our customers and truly allows us to deliver ongoing value in the ever-changing logistics landscape.

ControlPay is therfore a non-traditional global freight audit provider. As a Dutch company, we always had a very strong international focus on the logistics part of our business. As such, we have approached the development of our self-built Freight Audit platform in this fashion.

17 years ago, ControlPay was set up to support large multinationals with complex logistics structures and their needs for control in logistics costs and freight invoice flows. This is still very true today.

We have always had an international focus, having started in the complex European logistical environment. Therefore, international processing in our platform is defined by its easily accessible collaborative nature.


Freight Payment value

The fundamental (and considerable) benefit of our service are your cost savings via the elimination of overbilling (somewhere between 3-5%). Additionally, you will be able to enhance the communication and billing processes with your carriers and gain visibility and transparency of your transportation set-up. This gives you the power to further optimize processes, reduce the number of carriers and standardize rates and business rules, streamlining your operations and increasing efficiency.

Reporting/Business Intelligence

Our reporting capabilities not only show analytical freight data, but also provide you with cost-to-serve data based on cost allocation rules useable by both Finance and Sales. This way a freight settlement process provides value way beyond the logistics department. Via the approved transportation data we help our customers with carrier reduction, rate harmonization and streamlining of extra costs.

Additional tools

As a technology-driven Freight Audit & Pay service provider we offer several tools that help both operations and audit. Many customers use our online web-booking tool that allows you to easily book shipments real-time while the data is registered for the audit. Additionally, customers can place bid requests with their carriers for spot shipments and receive bids in matter of hours.

Billing solutions

Freight invoices create a lot of hidden work. ControlPay makes it simple and drives the invoicing process. Via our billing instructions, carriers can easily create their invoices without worrying about VAT or cost centres. ControlPay handles this process for them. Either we generate a self-billing note on our platform or the carriers easily create their own invoice through the same tool.