History of ControlPay

The history of our business goes back to the year 1969, with the start of a logistics consulting company resulting in different ventures in logistics and transportation until we decided to redefine Freight Audit & Payment at the start of the century. We founded ControlPay, a Freight Audit & Payment provider that would focus on serving global customers. From the very beginning, we understood the need for cloud-based solutions that would enable us to deliver services anywhere in the world in a flexible and cost-effective fashion.

ControlPay, with strong heritage in logistics and roots in the freight forwarding industry is currently the largest Freight Audit provider in Europe and an important Global provider as well. With offices in multiple countries, a growing staff of over 250 people and advanced technological tools, we serve customers in the Automotive, Industrial, Consumer, Pharma and Healthcare industry. What our customers like the most about us is our strong logistics and transportation approach, the high level of detail and flexibility in technology next to the pro-active approach towards the carriers. ControlPay is a highly efficient Freight Audit provider that is driven by cost savings as much by the value of perfect logistics data. Our logistics intelligence provides savings, efficiency and value in Logistics, Finance and Operations.