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ControlPay was founded in 2002 with the aim to support large multinationals with complex logistics structures in their needs for control of freight costs and invoices flow. This is still very true today. From the beginning, we understood the need of having cloud-based solutions that would enable us to deliver services anywhere in the world in a flexible and cost effective fashion. ControlPay, with strong heritage in logistics and roots in the freight forwarding industry, is nowadays the largest Freight Audit provider in Europe and an important Global provider. With offices in multiple countries, a growing staff of over 160 people and advanced technology we serve customers in the Automotive, Industrial, Consumer, Pharma and Healthcare industry. What our customers like the most about us is our strong logistics approach, the high level of detail and flexibility and our pro-active approach towards the carriers. ControlPay is a highly efficient Freight Audit provider that is driven by cost savings as much by value through perfect logistics data. Our logistics intelligence drives savings, efficiency and value in Logistics, Finance and Operations.



The philosophy of ControlPay is based on deep logistics knowledge in contrast with other audit or post audit providers who have been traditionally more focused on payments and invoices, ControlPay very much focuses on the logistics data. This approach has let to a very tight process and 100% waterproof audit whether it be pre-audit or post-audit. Customers know that we will always go to the bottom of an issue and that we are very driven to rule out any repetitive issues. This is also driven by the fact that we try to make processes as efficient as possible, low touch for all parties involved.



Our main objective was, and still is today, to support multinationals in their continuous endeavor for control of and insights in freight costs. ControlPay offers a robust service offering of different audit and consultancy solutions at process optimization and cost savings.


Social Responsibility at ControlPay

ControlPay, the leading Freight Audit & Payment provider in Europe is now an official Unicef partner in Ukraine. Having its' headquarters in the Netherlands, ControlPay serves customers mainly from its‘ operations office in Kyiv. For long ControlPay has been committed to support children in need in Ukraine and has supported children at orphanages in the past. With the unfortunate events in Ukraine having a big impact on children across the country, ControlPay decided to step up its' charity efforts and therefore we founded our very own Tulsun Foundation. As a Ukraine based successful company it is our duty to support Ukraine in difficult times and we are pleased that we can make our modest contribution.

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